Thursday, June 19, 2008

Frugal Friday: Re-use Freezer Bags

For those of you that re-use freezer bags, you probably have the same trouble that I do. It’s hard to find a place to dry the bags after you wash them.

To eliminate drying the bags, I keep a “bag of bags” in my freezer. It is a large freezer bag into which I put my wet bags when they are clean. I stuff any wet bags into my bag of bags and zip the top shut. The water freezes into little crumbs, and when I need a bag, I take it out and shake the little ice crumbs loose. Then I have a (mostly) dry bag to use.

To make my bags last longer, I turn them wrong side out to clean, but I do not turn them completely. I leave the top zipper part turned back, because this seems to be the weakest part of the bag, and that seam doesn’t want to be turned the other way. I hope this makes sense. If you try it you will see what I mean, though.

I don’t buy regular bags if I can help it. Freezer bags are just so much tougher.

**Edited 6/23/08 to add: If you have only a couple of bags to dry, you can just throw them in the freezer without the outer bag. They will completely dry in two or three days, then you can remove them and store them in the cupboard. This is not a good option if you have more than two or three, because they start to look messy and get lost in the freezer.


  1. That is a new idea to me! Thanks! I love re-using my ziplocs and have found these ideas to be helpful. I also just started hanging them from my cupboards as well by slipping them in the cupboard door and hanging over the counter.

  2. interesting tidbit! I never thought to stick them in the freezer to dry them!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. This is a genius idea! I can't tell you how many bags I have regretfully thrown away because I've never figured out how to dry them.