Monday, July 31, 2006

TV Challenge

We are going to take the TV-free challenge that Nancy Leigh Demoss has been talking about on the radio. We're starting tomorrow, it should be pretty interesting.

It will be hardest for Junior, so you might be praying for him. He doesn't watch that much, but he is probably the most addicted to "his" time on the TV. Peanut likes a few shows, but if there is a fun alternative somewhere, she'll take it. I will miss my Brit-com on Sunday nights, but the next two weeks are "Festival", so it will get pre-empted anyway...for Doo-wop Senior Citizens or Old Lawrence Welk Stars.

It should be an interesting month. I will let you know how we are doing.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Funny things I found out

For about a year now, Junior has insisted on having the tags cut out of all his shirts. Most of the tags are out now, but once in a while he will come up to me and say, "Mom, why does this shirt still have a tag?" Like I am falling down on the job or something.

This weekend we went to Grandma's house. She showed me something interesting: most of her shirts and Cindy's shirts have the tags cut out of them. So there you go. That explains quite a lot.

Junior just walked in and informed me of something else. Easy Off BAM is much better than Lime-A-Way. This is because it cleans your kitchen much better, and also if you put a dirty penny in Easy Off BAM for just a second, it will come out all clean and shiny. I need to go turn off the TV!