Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hee hee! Lookie what I got today!

I wasn't even hoping for such luck, but it so happened that today the doctor could not find a heartbeat with her fancy Doppler thing. I think it is just too early, but I guess they also don't want to take any chances since I will not be back for 4 weeks. So they sent me down the hall to get an ultrasound!

Here is the best picture they gave me. It is still not as clear as it looked on the screen.

They found a heartbeat just fine with the ultrasound, and the baby was wiggling and squirming a lot. Very cute. I should say, the child's nose did not really look as long as it does in the picture! Both kids got to see it. Peanut was quite overjoyed. I am not sure how much Junior understood about it. He did not have too much to say, but he did like the ultrasound equipment. It looked like an elaborate video game.
That is all for tonight, because I'm tired. I am uploading some pictures of the kids and I will try to put them on here tomorrow.