Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Weekend project

I hadn't really planned on a weekend project, but little Bubby's "standin' upper" seat had torn and was getting to be unsafe. So I took it out, cut it apart to make a pattern, and tried to make one like it. I got some fabric at WalMart that matched the colors on it so well, I think I like it better than the old one. I laid the old one on a piece of paper to make a pattern, then cut some fabric and batting. I did some machine quilting on it, the old one did not have that, but his boucy seat is made like that and I think it is nicer that way. Then I sewed it together and bound the edges with some bias tape, which was much too narrow. I definitely needed it to be wider! Oh well.

There were some little plastic snap pieces to hold the fabric seat on and they had broken. I think that was part of the problem with the seat tearing, so we attached it back on with cable ties. You can see them, so I must have made the openings in the wrong place. But I was mostly pleased with the way it turned out.