Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I have a really bad case of laryngitis. I have never had it like this before. Usually I call it laryngitis when my voice sounds really bad or it hurts to talk. This time it is just gone. I mean, nothing is coming out. It doesn't hurt much. Doesn't even feel very scratchy. I think it is some kind of a virus, because my temp has just been barely above normal. I don't really feel bad, although I was pretty tired this afternoon. I cut Peanut's school day short and we watched an "educational" video while Junior was sleeping. And I managed to doze off during the video, which I don't usually do.

I have been whispering to the kids all day. It is very hard. When I want to say something to them, I always forget and try to talk, which doesn't work. Then I snap my fingers, like that is loud enough. Then I have to go get right up to their ear to talk to them.

Junior doesn't understand. Well, neither one of them do, but I think Peanut kind of gets it a little. She knew that I was hoarse on Sunday and Monday, and it got worse. I had not thought of explaining it, I just said my throat was scratchy. I guess I said something about losing my voice, because tonight Jr. said, "Did you lose your voice?" I said, "Yeah." He goes, "Well, where is it?" I almost thought he was teasing, but his face said he wasn't. Then he said, "Did it go down into your stomach?" Hee hee. Bless his heart. I tried to explain it, then I told Todd he better talk to him tonight. I am not sure he is hearing me that well. He also told me that someday he will lose his voice too. I wonder if he thinks I will never talk again?

I found some extra Tang Tea. It tastes good, but doesn't seem to help so much. I am trying some "ginger tea" which has a little more of a tingle to it. And I've taken a lot of vitamin C. I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Peanut and her AWANA club thing...

Did you know yahoo will remind you to update your blog? It will. So it has been reminding me and I've been ignoring it, but I decided I ought to update today. We have not been doing anything new and different in school. Peanut went to Awana's tonight and finished up learning the books of the Old Testament. Pretty good for a little first grader. Yay Peanut! I taught her the "Let Us Sing the Books of Moses" song, I was pretty surprised that she was able to finish tonight. Next thing for her is to memorize the 23rd Psalm, which she learned last year, so she will just have to review.

Junior had to stay home tonight, though. He had a stuffy nose this morning, but acted like he felt fine. Then he woke up grumpy from his nap, which is normal, but this time he did not get better. He was just having a really hard time, but I had already promised his teacher that I would help with his class. So Peanut and I went to church and he and Dad stayed home. I figured he would have already gone to bed, we didn't get home until almost 9:00. Nope. When I walked in his was singing and giggling in the bathtub. He was acting like his old self! But he probably needed a Wednesday night break. Sometimes you just do.