Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Works-For-Me Wednesday: Eyebrow waxing

I used to carefully pluck out stray eyebrows with the tweezers, but I would always miss a few. It was very painful and it took a long time.

I am not a fan of over-the-counter waxing products, because I don’t think they work that well. I never could get them to pick up every hair. A few stray hairs would always be left over, which was the problem with tweezing in the first place.

The last thing I tried is a keeper! It is called Surgi-wax Brazilian Wax. I am sure I would never use the product for its intended purpose (*gasp*) but somehow I knew that it would be stronger than the waxes made for facial hair. It works very well. It is a very sticky, strong wax. It is microwavable wax that does not need cloth strips, you just leave a thick edge and pull on that when it has cooled.

This type of wax works very well for the area between the eyebrows. You have to be extremely careful while applying it, that you don’t get it on any hairs you want to keep. This is why I always apply with a toothpick. You can also use it on the outside edges of the brows, just be careful. It might help to use it only on the "unibrow" area a few times first, since it is easier to get it on the right spot.

If you have never waxed and are worried about pain, I will be honest and say that it does hurt, but I don’t think it hurts more than tweezing. With the wax, it is over with faster. Instead of, “pick, pick, pick” you just rip and you are done. Since the wax is so strong, it works the first time, you don’t have to try again. There is a desensitizing effect, so that the second time it hurts a little less, the third time it hurts less than that. I no longer have any pain waxing the area in between the eyebrows. The skin above and below the brow is a little more sensitive, but it has gotten better.

Surgi-wax works for me, because not everyone can be Brooke Shields! For more Works-For-Me Wednesday visit Rocks In My Dryer.


  1. lol good post. I have to pluck my eyebrows just about everyday. I am always hesitant to do waxing because then I have to let it grow out a bit. My hair is dark and that looks so bad.

  2. I've found waxing to be a necessary evil. I pluck every day, but every once in a while I get my eyebrows professionally waxed and just maintain in between. I may have to try this for an at-home solution.

  3. Ooh, thanks for this post. Like the previous poster...I have to pluck everyday and I get a wax maybe once every two months...and try to maintain. I am so going to try the product you suggested. Btw, where did you buy it or place with the lowest price??

    Thanks again

  4. I got mine at Walmart. I haven't compared prices, but I imagine that they have at least a competitive price if not the lowest. The great thing is that one jar has lasted me 2 year, since I'm just using tiny amounts at a time!

  5. Thanks so much for your tip on my freezer cooking post. I will definitely try Pam & ziploc bags next time I do a day of cooking!

    I might have to try that wax. I usually just get them to do mine at the hair salon, but this would be cheaper. (For no pain tweezing in between, my stylist actually recommended numbing the area with ambesol.)

  6. 5 years ago I bought a strip-free salon waxing kit for $16. It's only about 1/4 gone now. It's nice and thick, much superior to the stuff that's sold in small amounts for home use.