Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 5 - Review

This week was our first week going to co-op. It really made me scramble, as there is not a lot of time between co-op and band rehearsal. We have 3 hours including travel time, and I have to spend part of that time lying down with Baby Bubby so he can get a short nap.

We may need to split one school day between Monday and Friday. Currently, we just do our errands and dance classes on Friday.

So here's a rundown of this week:

Bible Time: We read 2 Kings chapter 6 and 7. Part of this deals with a story about cannibalism, which was kind of disturbing. My kids are kind of young to deal with something like that, so I did explain that there was a conflict between two women because their sons had died and they were talking about eating their bodies because they were so hungry. This showed how bad the starvation in the city really was. We also talked about how the enemy strategy to block off the city so no one could get food.

Another chapter from Joel told about a plague of locusts. Peanut and I had read On the Banks of Plum Creek last year, which had a story about a grasshopper swarm that destroyed their crops, so we related back to that story and how awful it was.

History: We watched a video called What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin? It explained a little more about colonial trades and apprenticeships, and a little about sea travel as well. Even though this video went on into the Revolutionary War and the founding of the nation, it had a lot of information about Colonial life, so I'm glad we went ahead and watched it in this unit.

Language Arts: We ran out of copywork with our unit study, so we have started copying some Bible verses.

Reading: We finished The Warrior's Challenge, and it did end up being sad, but the book was very positive and showed a great father/son relationship. The son and his father both made mistakes, and had a strained relationship because of this, but everything was resolved nicely in the end. We began The Matchlock Gun at the end of the week.

Peanut is still reading The Courage of Sarah Noble. Junior finished Prairie School and began Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie.

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  1. Word up! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you but I try to stay off the computer on the weekend to have extra family time. And then on Sunday, we got hit with a huge windstorm that knocked out our power!

    But, taking a little longer to respond means that I got to read more of your posts. I do have a suggestion about computer time, if you don't mind. I read in a magazine an article where a family decided to have an 'electronic' free weekend once a month. Their girls were really into colonial times (and settlers). So, one weekend, they decided to go without all electric power except what was essential for heating, cooking, etc. It really made them spend time together as a family finding ways to have "old fashioned" fun. Since that seemed to tie in well with your current unit study, I thought I'd pass the idea along.

    Have a great week!