Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beginning Hard Drive Organization.

We started school this week. This will be our fifth year homeschooling.

I have noticed that with four years under my belt, my computer's hard drive is getting a bit congested. I heavily rely on my computer for homeschooling, as I suppose many others do. I have many, many free files that I have downloaded, as well as some ebooks that I have purchased.

Now I am finding it necessary to organize some of this stuff into a more usable system. For me, group of folders for each different topic is going to be the easiest. I can start with some general areas and use sub-folders to organize into more specific categories.

My basic subjects will be: History, Math, Phonics, Literature, Music, Grammar, Handwriting, and Art. I am sure I will have to add some as I go.

I am going to put .pdf documents in the same folders as my MS Word documents, and sometimes I might even have .mp3 files along with them. That should work best for us.

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  1. We've been homeschooling for a bunch o' years now as well and I'm finding that I'm having to 'let go' of tons and tons of printed material and ideas and unit study print-offs from the computers (don't worry, I'm putting it in the recycling bin). It does seem to help me feel a bit more 'with it' to not have files and files of paper ideas staring me in the face!