Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Gerbils

Even though my camera is not cooperating, I finally got a couple of pics of the little gerbils. I am "babysitting" them today since Peanut has gone to her Grandma's. She was looking forward to the trip, but not looking forward to being separated from the little animals. So I promised I would play with them, which I did. They slept most of the afternoon, but when I went in to see them about 5PM, they were running around the cage, so I scooped them out and let them play in a deep plastic storage box. That way they had more room to run around. I made it a point to hold both of them for a while. They still are not used to being held. They were nice and did not try to bite me. I think they are starting to like it. They are very mouse-like to me, so playing with them is actually an act of motherly-love (for my daughter, not for the gerbils!) But I have not gotten so much as a tear in my eye. Maybe it is good therapy for me.

This one is Princie. She is the biggest one, and the most friendly. She spends most of her time on her hind legs, looking around. She is very curious.

Here is Pastell. She is a little younger. She is still pretty small. She is more of a shy girl, and a hider. I couldn't get a picture of her for the longest time because she doesn't like being out in the open. She runs from hiding place to hiding place.

They ran around in the box for about an hour. They seemed to like it, and I put them back in the cage when they started slowing down and acting tired. They have an exercise wheel, but they don't use it. One of the first things they did was to move their bedding into the wheel, and that is where they sleep. I guess it is cozy for them.

Now that everything is cleaned up, Mr. B and I are going to get some Chinese food! Yum! And probably rent a movie from the store.


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