Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Baby birds

Our baby birds have hatched. Wish I could share a picture, but I can barely see them myself. I walked by the birdhouse yesterday evening and they were peeping away. I could see their little beaks pointing upward. I could see maybe 3 or 4, it was too dark to tell. I ran to get Peanut, but when we got back the mama bird had been there to feed them and she was flying away. So they were quiet instead of crying. And the mama and daddy bird were up in the tree just as mad as they could be. So we left pretty quickly.

I have tried to see them a couple more times, but the mama and daddy are very close by and they get really mad, so I try not to stay more than a few seconds. We'll be watching them for a couple of weeks to see when they leave the nest.

Our books arrived in the mail. Peanut was pretty excited. We will go ahead and start on math and handwriting next week, and then work our way into the rest. There is a lot...I have to remember that this is a year's worth of work!


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