Monday, May 2, 2005

"ancient" history

I had an interesting discussing with the kids the other day. We stopped to eat at McDonald's at Walmart. A lot of the time they are decorated with the "50s theme", so we are sitting there and Junior pointed to the wall and asked about the "wheels." They are kind of 3-D cartoon records, just a decoration. So I was trying to explain to these kids what records are. Very sad. I finally told them that they are like CD's only bigger. I think Peanut has seen them at her grandparent's house, but she's never heard one.

Then we started talking about how things were in the "olden-time" days when Mama was a little girl. They cannot comprehend that we did not have VCRs or tapes to watch on TV. Peanut was sad when I told her that a Christmas show like Charlie Brown or Rudolph only came on once a year and if you missed it that was just too bad and maybe you would get to watch it next year.

It is hard for them to understand the timeline of these things too. Like Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny have been around longer than Grandpa Jelly. But Veggie Tales have been around just a little longer than Peanut. This was truly shocking news.

I remember when I was in grade school, there was this "push" to get kids interested in computers. There was always something in Weekly Reader or in your science book that was about how wonderful computers were. Why, you could add and multiply and divide! Maybe someday you could play games like tic-tac-toe and checkers!


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