Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Writing Assignment Ideas

Here are some writing prompts that I came up with for those days when the kids need a break from the ordinary copywork, dictation, penmanship workbooks, etc. I tried to come up with things that were fun, matched their interests, and would inspire them, rather than just being another assignment.

Feel free to use this list for your own school, but you'll probably want to tweak it for your own kids and their interests:

Writing List
  • A letter to Grandma
  • A letter to ________(favorite relative's name)
  • A letter to Grandpa
  • A letter to ________(a friend)
  • A letter to Mama
  • A letter to Daddy
  • Something you dreamed
  • Write about a movie you like
  • Write about a TV show you like
  • What would be a good TV show
  • Write a Bible story that you heard
  • Tell about somewhere you went
  • Tell about somewhere you want to go
  • Story in which someone learns something important
  • Story in which someone learns something silly
  • Story in which someone helps a friend
  • Story about finding a surprise
  • Story about planning a party
  • Story about doing something kind
  • Story about kids making something
  • Story about a pony
  • Story about a stuffed animal that comes to life
  • Story about a TV character
  • Story about _______(name of sibling)
I also had to write a second little list. Sometimes kids want to write a letter, then they don't know what to say.

Things that can go in a letter
  • Tell something you like about the person
  • Tell a story that happened this week
  • What is ________ (your sibling) doing right now?
  • Tell about something you had for a snack or dinner
  • Tell about something that is outside
  • Draw a picture and tell what it is
  • Tell about something that is your favorite _____ (book, food, tv show, etc)


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