Monday, March 14, 2005

A page from Peanut's nature book

Peanut has been keeping a nature book that she started in January. She is using it to record what she sees outdoors. It contains mostly drawings because writing takes so long. But I've been having her label the months. We started out in January watching birds at the bird feeder. We ended up just pouring out bird seed on the patio so more birds could eat at one time. The birds don't stay on the feeder more than a few seconds, but when they all can eat together, maybe they feel safer.

This is a picture she did Saturday. In the middle is a picture of a moth that she saw, and she is comparing it to a butterfly. I was proud of the moth drawing, because she used the actual shape that she could see, instead of making a cartoon-y drawing like the butterfly. I think at the bottom is a side view of the same moth.


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