Thursday, March 31, 2005

Birds in the backyard

Peanut and I are excited. Last fall she and her daddy made a birdhouse. They hung it on the lamppost on the back patio. I told her not to get her hopes up too much, sometimes it takes a long time for birds to find a birdhouse and it might sit empty for a while. Well, they have found it! A chickadee couple checked it out and they apparently think it is a good place to raise a family. Last night she peeked in and it is full of grass, cotton, etc. We can't tell about any eggs, but they were going in and out this morning, so it looks hopeful. I think it helped that we started using the top of the old sandbox as a bird feeder. The birds seem to like that bigger area.

Little brother has amazed me once again. He can count to 100 using our number chart! I would have never thought he could do that. He used to try to count, but he would get mixed up because when you say "thirty" and "forty" the same way, it is confusing. Then he would skip some of the higher numbers, like all the 70s or all the 80s. But a couple of days ago, he grabbed up the number chart when sis was through with it, and started reading it. Yesterday I tried to really pay attention to him while he did it, and everything fell apart. He was trying to be funny, of course. So I guess he will do better if I pretend to ignore him.


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