Friday, January 12, 2007

Junior's lapbook

Here is our first attempt at a lapbook. Junior's kindergarten this week is about cows, so we made a little file folder book about what we had learned about cows. Junior loves stuff like this, so we just jumped in and tried it. It was fun. We used some stuff from, and from The Coloring Spot. For the words, they were just typed in Word in different colors and fonts. We cut each one out and talked about what it had to do with cows. He really had fun doing this, and we also realized that he had forgotten how to use a glue stick. That kind of bothers me because I know they use glue sticks a lot at Sunday School. I hope he hasn't been making a huge mess there like he tried to do here. But once I showed him the way to use it, he was like, "Oh!" and he did it the right way from then on. Here is what he came up with:

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Maybe we will do some more of these. I quizzed him the next day and he remembered everything we had talked about, so I think it helped with retention.


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