Saturday, January 6, 2007

Good thought

Yesterday was kind of odd because I woke up earlier than Junior. He usually comes and wakes me up about 7:30, but for some reason he decided to sleep late. I got up and was enjoying a cup of coffee, watching Today because I hardly ever get to do that anymore. Then I heard Junior in his room, talking. I figured he was getting dressed. Most mornings he will get up, dress himself, leave his pajamas on the floor, leave his bed in a mess, and come get me up so I can turn on one of his "shows." Later, I come in and make him straighten up his room and make his bed.

In a few minutes, I saw him streak, undressed, down the hall, then back again. More talking in his room. I had expected him to come in the living room in a few minutes, but he had been up for a while and I didn't see him. Finally, I got up to check on him. He was making his bed...without being told! (or fussed at!) I said good morning to him. He was all excited because I had caught him being good. "DON'T help me!"

I told him I wasn't going to help him, but I was proud of him for making his bed. Then I said, "This morning I saw a little naked boy running down the hall. Do you know anything about that?"

He said, "Oh, that was me. I was just putting my clothes in the hamper."

"Your pajamas? Why are you doing all this stuff so early, and without being told?"

"I just didn't want to have all that work to do today. You know, and you telling me, 'Now go do this, go do this, this, this, this!' Aaaaagh!"

Wow! That is a pretty good idea for me, too.


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