Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Junior helps with spelling

Today I let Junior help when Peanut and I did spelling. I always give her the word and then a sentence using the word. Junior wanted to read out the words, and Peanut begged me to let him give her the sentences also. I was glad I did, though I wouldn't do it every day. It turned out pretty funny, and there was too much laughing on Peanut's part. Here are a few of his sentences he came up with:

ruts:  "The pumpkin ruts."
putts: "I splashed in the putts."
bids: "I watched a Bids cartoon on TV." (I don't think there is such a thing!)
forbids: "There are forbids cartoons on TV." (Think about that one!)

I am not sure how many of those he meant to be funny, and how many were just innocent mistakes. Hmmm.


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