Friday, September 15, 2006

Today is a great day!

Praise the Lord! Todd is home from his trip. Yay! (And now I can blog again!) He is glad to be back too. He is catching up on his rest, so that's good. The kids were very glad to see him. He slept in quite a while today, and they were getting pretty antsy. There were many attempts made to wake him up. I felt like the Secret Service, having to guard the bedroom door so carefully. But they were just excited to have him home.

Here is the latest funny thing from our house. Junior has this big Spiderman action figure that Sus and Dan gave him (not to be confused with Spaderman, which is a totally different toy!) Then he has two little small Spiderman action figures. He pretends that the big Spiderman is the Daddy, and the two little ones are his little kids. They climb on him and hang on him just like real kids. One day Peanut got ahold of them. Of course, she decided to give the family a mom also, so she went to her Barbie box. Ballerina Barbie got selected to play the part of the mama. She brought them all to Junior and showed him what she had done. He thought that was very interesting (I'm sure it had never crossed his mind to make a family out of them.) He told her, "Umm...Peanut....get a cooler wife." Hee hee. Ballerina Barbie is kind of prim and proper. She has a perfect little bun in her hair, and of course she wears a flower costume.


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