Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One great thing about fall

I have probably complained about this before, but somehow nothing really tastes the same since I've been pregnant. I will think of something that sounds good, buy or prepare that item, and it just does not taste right.

But I'm happy to report that there is one thing that tastes every bit as good as I remember it: Brach's Pumpkin Candies! Oh, they are so wonderful. The only thing is, I had to buy them in a bag with the chocolate candy corns...yuck. Even the kids don't really like those. I hope I do not get cavities from these things. I am still looking for a place that has just the pumpkins in a bag. The website says they still sell them like that. I am not going to get the off-brand that WalMart sells, because they do not look right. Even though the off-brand yellow candy corns are okay.

School is going pretty well. Peanut is wanting to make her own illustrated manuscript. I can't find any instructions on how to do that, we are just going from a picture in a book. I will look at the library on Friday to see if I can find anything about it. She has to do a little speech next week on a famous Oklahoman for her co-op class. She picked Shannon Miller. We found a lot of info about her, we are trying to narrow it down. I just thought, I should have asked her if she wanted to do Roger Miller. Hee hee! She is a fan of the Disney version of Robin Hood, so I think she would know who he was. (And we used to have You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd on one of her tapes.)


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