Saturday, August 20, 2005

Starting back to school

I don't know why I never get time to update this thing, but now that we are back in the school routine, maybe I will get better. We started back to "real school" on August 1st. Peanut had been asking me pretty often when we would start back, even though we were doing some reading and stuff like that each day. But I think she thinks "circle time" that we do at the beginning of the day is "real school." So we started back on a schedule.

We are doing Sonlight curriculum, and it is very interesting. Peanut likes all the books that go with it, and I catch her "reading ahead" all the time...grabbing the books that are for later this year, and flipping throught them. Other stuff we are doing:
Language: Explode the Code - Book 2
Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears
Math: Singapore Math Primary 1a
Spelling: We are going through a beginning phonics program and using their word lists for spelling words. We are getting Sonlight's Language Arts I next week. LA II was too hard.
Science: We just bought the Usborne Book of Science Activities Vol II and it has some little demonstrations and activities for us to do. Haven't started that yet, I just got the book a few days ago.


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