Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Freezer Alarm

Last year after I lost my freezer contents when the door was left slightly ajar, I purchased a freezer alarm. It saved us last night by letting us know that the door had been left open a small crack. Nothing had happened to the food, except for a tiny layer of condensation that had frozen over a few things on the top shelf.

There is a little sensor that attaches inside the freezer near the back. A little wire runs out and the alarm unit sticks to the outside of the freezer. This unit is preset so that when the temperature inside the freezer rises above 15 degrees, the alarm goes off. It is battery-operated, so it would work in a power-failure.

This type of alarm works best for a separate freezer unit. I don't think most freezers that are attached to a refrigerator get cold enough for it to work. It can be switched off during the times when you are defrosting.

Our freezer is in the garage, and we could easily hear the alarm inside the house. The wire is small, but it does leave a tiny gap in the seal of the freezer. We think it is worth the small loss of energy.


  1. I had o idea they even made this and how much we need it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great idea!!! Our new fridge has alarms on both the freezer unit and fridge but they are so quiet that we can't hear them. I recently woke to find all of our ice cream and pops melted because I left the door ajar overnight. I could use one of these!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. what about a device that dope slaps the kid who leaves the freezer open after they get their popsicles? That one I would buy! ;)

  4. My sister-in-law had to make a turkey dinner last summer after everything in her freezer thawed. I know what I'm giving her this year for her birthday!