Friday, June 9, 2006

Latest drawings

Here are a couple of the kids' latest drawings. I got Peanut a new drawing book from a garage sale last weekend, she loves books like that. This was her most colorful out of a few she drew Saturday.

Here is one that Junior brought to me today. I am glad that he is actually drawing, and this is a big improvement over his last one. That may not be saying much, the last time he really drew anything was probably 3 or 4 months ago. He is more of a writer, I think. He only wants to practice making letters.

He looks kind of wild, huh? He was just in that kind of mood today. He started real "school" this week, since Peanut is busy with camp. He is doing very well. I am very proud of him, he really likes it. I read to him and he pretends to not be listening, but he can repeat everything back to me. He is making a "Creation Book" this week, and we'll try to put some of it on here when he is done. It is more of a "crafty" project that I thought he would not do, but he is doing very well. It involves coloring and cutting out with scissors, two activities that he would rather not do, but he acts like he is having fun. Who knew?


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