Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Works-For-Me Wednesday: Old Gift Bags

I always to save and reuse the pretty gift bags from Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays. Sometimes the bags become a little wrinkled and banged up from use, and they are not really gift-worthy anymore. When that happens, there are other uses for them.

  • The smaller ones make great lunch bags. Or use a larger one for a picnic lunch for the family.
  • Tote bag for a crochet or knitting project to take along with you.
  • Keep in the car as a semi-permanent trash bag.
  • Lay a larger bag flat for slipping a covered dish inside to bring to a potluck. Slip the serving utensil inside the bag too.
  • Organizer bag for a kids' toy with small pieces, such as a puzzle.
  • Emergency diaper bag, just to hold a diaper, wipes, and a juice cup.
  • Organizer for student "center" for kids. Keep scissors, staples, pencils, glue and markers all together in one place for daily use.
  • Hang a bag over the hook of a coathanger to hold the scarf, hat and mittens to go with each coat.
  • Keep one in the laundry room for mismatched socks while they wait for the next round of laundry to get done.
If you have any more uses, I'd love to read them in my comments section. For more tips, visit Rocks In My Dryer.


  1. I appreciate these ideas. I'm not a fan of gift bags, as I prefer the look of a package all wrapped in paper and bows. That means that the gift bags I've received are all piled up and rarely used. I like your creative ideas for using them for other things!

  2. These are great ideas because I always have a couple of bags that I won't be using for gifts anymore. I also use these bags for art supplies in my youngest son's room. He has three sitting on the floor near his art table and they look so festive!

  3. Great ideas! I like the one of putting it on a coat hook to put the mittens, scarves, etc. in. I bet a row of gift bags on coathooks would be pretty festive when the coats are out of the house!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I reuse mine a lot, but I learned some new ideas today! :)

  5. These are great tips. We re-use gift bags too. :) Thank you for the ideas.

  6. Thank you for the ideas - especially for the mittens and hats with the coats! I have way too many gift bags and that is a great idea!

  7. Thanks for all the super ideas! I keep some of those fabric tote bags (you know, the ones your husband brings home from trade shows, with some company's logo all over them ;) ) in the garage filled with kindling for fires. They're real easy to tote inside. I'll bet old gift bags would work well for that, too.

  8. Great ideas! I myself also do many of these...but the over the hanger one for gloves etc...brilliant.